Old Republic Valuation System Support

Case Level Support

For questions regarding property information, changes to contact information
( address, tax ID, email, phone, brokerage, area serviced, etc ) , or any other case related issue,
please contact Old Republic via email at: - orss.agentinquiries@oldrepublictitle.com

Website Support

Please review the list of common support questions below.
If you still need website technical support please contact us at: ort.support@quandis.com

Q1:  I have reset my password on https://ort.quandis.com but I did not receive a new password email. Where is it?
Q2:  I know my "User Name", but have forgotten my password. How do I reset my password?
Q3:  I have forgotten my User Name for https://ort.quandis.com. What is it?
Q4:  I can log into https://ort.quandis.com. How do I change my password?
Q5:  How do I sign up and get a user account?
Q6:  I am getting email requests to do work, but when I log into the system the orders are not there. Where did they go?
Q7:  I am having trouble saving my work, is there a list of suggstions to make this easier?
Q8:  I accepted this case and it no longer appears in my list of orders when I log in. where did it go?
Q9:  How can I unaccept a case?
Q10:  I clicked submit, but realized I need to upload additional pictures and/or make changes to the data that was entered. What should I do?
Q11:  I will not be able to complete the order on time, who should I contact?
Q12:  Who do I contact regarding payments?
Q13:  How do I change my address, tax ID, phone number, email address?
Q14:  Where do I send my W-9 or proof of insurance?
Q15:  I have questions about accessing the property, or the property address is incomplete. Who do I contact?
Q16:  Can I have the order requests sent to a second email address, maybe to my cell phone?